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All fish stocked 20lb+

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Drive & Survive or Accommodation packages available

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Be the first to fish this mature spring fed lake packed with features and home to lots of giant wild French Carp

The lake is offered on an exclusive basis only for up to 4 fishermen, maintaining the private and quiet experience for the whole of your stay with no danger of noisy arrivals part way through your week.  Feel free to bring all the family, the luxury accommodation has 2 separate double bedrooms and sleeps 6.


Lilies, rushes and weeping willows border the lake encouraging a wide variety of fishing styles. A snag free gravel bottom ensures your bait is always well presented and visible to the fish. There are 5 neatly constructed swims on the lake, arranged conveniently to serve as 2 doubles and a single. We feel sure that, after a week on the lake, you won't want to go anywhere else. With a very good chance of hitting your personal best, and the freedom to explore all areas and tactics, the lake is yours for the week to enjoy how you see fit.


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