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All fish stocked 20lb+

Drive & Survive or Accommodation packages available

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We want your time at the lake to be as enjoyable as possible so we have tried to keep the list of Do's and Dont's as short as possible:-

  • Unhooking mats & Weigh slings to be used at all times, please soak well when using

  • Rods not to be left unattended under any circumstances

  • When fishing up to the snag features on the lake please be extra vigilant and avoid the baitrunner setting

  • No Carp Sacks allowed

  • Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line (recommended 20lb+)

  • No fixed rigs

  • Microbarb or Barbless hooks allowed (good quality toughened)

  • Only 'big fish' landing nets to be used. You really will need them!

  • 3 rods max per angler

  • The total weekly bait limit is 10kg per angler

  • Boilies & Pellets are allowed, also tiger nuts etc, providing baits are correctly prepared

  • Sensible use of particle baits is allowed providing these are fully prepared before arrival

  • Please dispose of all litter, bait, food etc in the bins provided to discourage vermin. The fish are all we like to feed!

  • Please ensure gates are locked when leaving the lake

  • Strictly No Smoking in any of the buildings please.

  • Please take photos of you and your catch, we would love them up on our site (ok, so this isn't a rule as such...)


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