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All fish stocked 20lb+

Drive & Survive or Accommodation packages available

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A 2 acre private Carp lake only 2 hours from Calais
Exclusive fishing for up to 4 anglers on a gorgeous mature lake full of pristine carp

  • Located just over 2hrs from Calais and 2.5hrs from Le Havre in Picardie near the historic town of SoissonsFirst 40+ of 2012

  • Over 120 Carp to late 40's with a good percentage of 30's. Nothing ever stocked below 20lb

  • A beautiful mix of Mirror, Leather and Common carp to 46lb, Grass Carp to 29.5lb and a Catfish over 50lbs

  • Luxury chalet style accommodation available, with 2 bedrooms, Living/Dining room, fully equipped fitted kitchen and bathroom facilities

  • One of the most comfortable Drive n Survive venues in France, with shower, toilet and kitchenette for your use, along with a large covered patio area with table and chairs and large Fridge

  • A perfect family fishing destination, with great accommodation, TV/DVD, Stereo etc, good local amenities and only 45mins from the sights and shopping of Paris and Euro Disney....

  • The ultimate private fishing experience! Imagine a lake all to yourself for the WHOLE holiday.... No more battles for territory or invading bait boats to contend with

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*Last updated 27th May 2015*

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